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I get that you're SO ready to ditch the headache and the feeling of wanting to throw up every time you search for color palettes on Pinterest and want to separate yourself from the pack and not be too inspired (read: copy) by all the brand boards that you see floating over the interwebs. 

Or, you're just getting started and can't afford to hire a pro (totally a-ok!) BUT, you also don't even have a clue what colors goes well with blue, and the options are endless, so you end up in that analysis-paralysis mode. 

I feel you, and I'm here to help!

Meet your new design BFF; the Design Field Guide

Inside this design field guide, you'll find LOTS of amazing color palette + font combinations so you can become your own designer - and have fun in the process! 

I hope this design field guide serves you well in your business journey. This guide is created for non-designer in mind, so you're not going to be clueless when it comes to combining colors + fonts.

Everything has been laid out for you and all you need to do is choose one to use for your brand and voila! Your brand will come alive - plug and play style, in 18 minutes or less! (or more, if you have a hard time choosing lol 🤣🤣)

Anddd, best part is, this Field Guide comes with over 30+ design recipes and hundreds of mix-and-match ideas - meaning that you'll always have a winning combination up your sleeves.

You can use this for your new brand, course branding, workbook, ebook or any project you can think of that needs a strong visual, which, let's be honest, means everything.

You'll soon find out that this is a staple in your business toolkit! 🙌

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The Design Field Guide is now yours! YAY!!

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