30-day Easy Breezy Course Launch Planner

Let's map out your easy breezy launch this year so you can stand out and sell out on your own terms without hustling or burnout.


Launching a course is a complex and time-consuming process with a lot of moving parts and technical work that needs to happen in order for it to be successful and profitable. 

Let me take the guesswork off of your plate by handing you a comprehensive 30-day launch plan filled with essential action items and tasks so you never have to wonder what you need to do each and every day.

Here's a peek at the planner

This planner is being broken down into 3-part: your course launch details, launch checklist and the 30-day plan all inside one handy dandy spreadsheet.


Add all your course details in one place, ready for when you need it. Include your course name, price, launch date, launch goals, and everything in between.


Map out each of your launch action items using the checklist template. This one is being organized into 3 essential launch phase: Prep Work, Pre-Launch, and Launch Mode


This is the heart of your launch timeline Use the due date to help keep you accountable and a custom checkbox so you can see what's yet to be done and what you have accomplished.

Let me know where to send your easy breezy course launch planner

Oh, hi! Welcome to my magical corner of the internet. Nice to meet you!

I'm Ira, a mom, an avid daydreamer, graphic designer, and a proud owner of Golden Whimsy Studio where I use my 10 years of experience in the design world to help you stand out and sell out - with ease and style through the range of my template suites and kits as well as the launch planner that you're about to receive. Together, let's get you the launch of your dreams! ✨

Download your free copy of the course launch planner and start mapping out your launch game plan now!

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